Make crock pot stuffed peppers fit your tastes my whole family loves these slow cooker stuffed peppers you can make substitutions to make this your own replace the ground beef for ground turkey or substitute half sausage if you have other veggies in the fridge you rsquo d like to use up just chop them up with the meat and add them in.

Instant pot ground beef and pasta beefaroni gets an adult upgrade with the super simple bolognese like recipe that takes about ten minutes with your pressure cooker cue up netflix because this dish will give all sorts of cuddle weeknight in feels.

Removing the fat from the browned ground beef ensures your stew is clean since this recipe is made in a heavy pan its best to push the ground beef to one side and tip the pot so the grease pools on the other side use a spoon or turkey baster to remove the fat and transfer it to a small bowl.

We don rsquo t recommend adding frozen or raw ground beef to a crock pot it rsquo s important to be especially careful when it comes to ground beef because eating it undercooked has been linked to illnesses caused by e coli and safety aside ground beef that rsquo s browned in hellip.

Before topping the baked ground beef with the mashed potatoes top it with about 1 cup of cooked corn kernels or about 1 2 cup to 1 cup of cream corn use a combination of cheddar and mozzarella cheese for the topping for a version with more vegetables try the hearty hamburger and potato casserole.

Make more ground beef crock pot recipes 7 100 taste of home 94 slow cooked sweet n sour pork 65 sweet n tangy pot roast tomato hamburger soup as a full time teacher i only have time to cook from scratch a few nights each week.

Ww recipe roundup low fat low calorie pumpkin cake recipes 167 calories 6 5 5 myww smartpoints value per serving ive got a great collection of lighter healthier pumpkin cake recipes here for you both from my recipe files and around the web.