Jul 30, 2020 · Spicy Air-Fryer Chicken Breasts My family adores this chicken recipe. Marinating enhances the taste, and the coating keeps the chicken nice and moist. The result is delicious. —Stephanie Otten, Byron Center, Michigan Jul 19, 2018 · Pro Tip: One thing to watch when using non-bread bread crumbs is salt levels. Chips and other crunchy snacks come pre-seasoned, so if the recipe calls for extra salt in the breading, skip that step. Now that you know the best way to make your own bread crumbs, try these ridiculously good breaded chicken recipes! Apr 12, 2011 · I'm confused by the WW points value of this recipe. When I enter it in recipe builder, I get 6 points per serving not 4. I think the discrepancy is from the chicken. Two large chicken breasts are 6 points; however, if you use 16 oz of chicken breasts as stated in the recipe (1 lb) it … I would leave the step out next time. Just whisk the mayo and garlic paste together, and it'll be a good consistency to brush on the chicken, no heating needed. Depending on the size of your chicken breasts, you may need to bake them a little longer, but I found 20 minutes to be perfect for the 6-8oz breasts I was using. Read More