In order to optimize your scripts you have to adjust player loops below is a piece of code from es extended v1 1 0 as an example this is currently still used for esx v1 almost everything has already been optimized for esx v2 a player loop on your fivem trade server hosting works as follows function getplayers local players for i 0.

Get code examples like fivem lua how to create table of all online player id instantly right from your google search results with the grepper chrome extension.

If you get a lot of errors about citizen scripting you didn rsquo t use run cmd if nothing happens at all except lsquo sending heartbeat rsquo you didn rsquo t use run cmd and failed to cd to the folder if no resources get started and you can rsquo t connect you didn rsquo t add exec if you get lsquo no license key was specified rsquo one of the above things.

About us l a noire rp is a serious roleplay community that provides an optimized balanced and realistic roleplay experience to fivem we take pride in giving a smooth experience to all players even on low end machines quick facts and information we are an economy based server which means players can rsquo t just spawn in cars out of thin air with vmenu our economy is normalized which hellip.