The procedure to set up an automatic login feature in windows 10 is very similar to the one in windows 7 and windows 8 this method applies to both local user account and microsoft account in other words whether you rsquo re using a microsoft account or a local user account you can use this guide to enable automatic login.

Note this guide covers windows 10 with may 2020 update and windows 7 the procedure is almost the same in both operating systems so we decided to create screenshots in windows 10 only step 1 disable the require windows hello sign in for microsoft accounts option only if youre using windows 10.

In windows 7 you boot straight to login prompt and you can do the same in windows 10 if you make a simple registry edit 1 hit windows r to bring up the run dialog 2 type regedit and hit enter.

Running disk cleanup regularly in windows is an integral part of keeping your system running smoothly here rsquo s how to create a scheduled task to hellip.

To sum up you can make windows 10 connect to a vpn before login if you manually create a vpn connection and add its details to the task scheduler in older windows versions it was also possible to view the vpn connections on the logon screen and choose to connect or not including windows 8 but it doesn rsquo t seem to work on windows 10 anymore.

This will disable login after sleep in windows 10 8 7 now onwards whenever your system gets back to wake up it won rsquo t ask you to enter the credentials and will start from that stage where you.

In the right pane you can see these two settings ldquo set time automatically rdquo and ldquo set time zone automatically ldquo just toggle slider button to the on or off position method 2 enable or disable ldquo set time zone automatically rdquo in windows 10 using registry editor press the windows logo key r to open the run box type regedit and hit.

In order to connect to the webdav directory in windows you rsquo ll need the webdav site url your webdav account login details and a name for the shortcut or connection all three allow you to map webdav by mounting its folder as a mapped drive so you can view edit or delete files from the remote web server using your computer.

Microsoft defender and microsoft edge on windows 10 will automatically block potentially unwanted applications puas by default starting this month.

Windows 7 8 and 10 defrag your hard drive automatically if you are using any older version of windows you may need to defrag your hard drive you can use the following steps to defrag your hard drive on windows 10 use the following steps to run disk defragment click the windows start menu.