I like to put the chicken quarters down into a large zip top bag and then pour the brine into the bag over the chicken to cover brine in the refrigerator or in temperature of 33 to 39 deg f about 4 hours in the fridge is all you need when its done brining give the chicken quarters a good rinse and you are ready to proceed.

This week i rsquo m smoking chicken leg quarters and finishing them with an white bbq sauce made famous in the state of alabama you can find chicken leg quarters fresh or frozen for as little as 0 50 per lb so we rsquo re talking inexpensive meat here if you rsquo re doing chicken for a crowd chicken leg quarters are the way to go.

How to tenderize steak the more tender the piece of steak gets the more flavorful and juicier it becomes and the type of cut that has fat marbled in between the muscles is much easier to render down whereas in budget saving steaks there is an extra layer of fat around the protein.