Place a chicken breast on a cutting board press a hand on top of the breast and carefully insert the tip of a chefs knife into the thickest part of the chicken breast cut an opening about 3 inches wide then cut 3 4 of the way through the breast to create a pocket without cutting all the way through repeat with the remaining breasts.

Butterfly chicken breasts slice lengthwise down the middle but not all the way through season chicken with salt and pepper on both sides place a slice of mozzarella over each chicken breast add spinach and garlic on top fold chicken in half like a sandwich keeping the stuffing in sprinkle top of chicken with red chili pepper flakes 4.

Hi elean we season the outside of the chicken breast all over with 3 4 tsp salt listed in step 3 the 1 4 tsp salt is mixed into the filling please see this section in the recipe ldquo how to make spinach stuffed chicken breast rdquo mdash ldquo make filling rdquo reply.

Leek and herb stuffed chicken youre likely to find a lot of herb stuffed chicken breast recipes out there but this chicken leek recipe is totally unique it makes great use of leeks an aromatic thats uncommon on the dinner table but easy to find mdash shirley glaab hattiesburg mississippi.