An application or client does the work and sends requests to the x11 server or simply the x server for display now type in the password of the login user of the remote server and press i will explain how to configure these settings from windows putty client two methods are currently supported x windows and vnc.

Ssh and vnc sever development tools such as cmake however libreoffice advanced photo editors e g gimp or any media player is not included however you can get those installed by a single command anytime you want it uses zsh as shell for konsole performance being an eye candy desktop the performance is impressive as per my opinion.

Remote desktop connection is a nice feature included with every windows installation which makes it.

Alles weitere koennt ihr via ssh oder direkt an der konsole oder mit einer vnc verbindung ueber das terminal auf dem desktop erledigen raspberry pi am smart meter anbringen bringt euren raspberry pi in eurem sicherungskasten an der phototransistor wird mit etwas doppelseitigem klebeband direkt ueber die sende ir led geklebt nach.